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Traffic law in Czech Republic

Foto: Verkehrsschild in Tschechien

On the 20 February 2016 the revised version of the Czech road traffic act became law. You find attached the summarized contents.
  • mandatory use of wearing reflective clothes 
    Pedestrians being out of built- up areas have to wear cearly visible reflective elements on their clothes or attached to them in the dark or in limited visibility.  In case of disobeying it you can be fined up to 2.500 Czk.
  • securing the vehicle registration certificate, part 1 
    The Czech police officers are authorzized to secure the vehicle registration certificate, part 1in case of proving serious technical defects in a ttraffic check or an accident.  The document will be forwarded through the Czech Ministry of Transport to the respective authority that issued the document and can be refunded there after having the defects fixed.  
  • mandatory clearance of ice and dirt on vehicles
    The revision of the law regulates that windscreen and front side windows have to be cleared of dirt, ice and snow before starting to drive including sheets of ice that may fall off the roof while driving. 
  • bail in case of committing an offence 
    Fines of more than 5.000 CZK authorize the Czech police to impose bail ranging from 3.500 up to 50.000 Czk.  If drivers cannot provide bail, the vehicles can be wheel clamped or towed off.  Driving on will be prohibited and the vehicle registration certificate, part 1 will be secured. 


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