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It has happened. What happens next?

Public prosecutor`s office and court

The results of the police investigations are forwarded to the public prosecutor`s office that will decide on pressing charges or stopping the proceedings. In case of pressing charges it will forward the documents to the court that will investigate and check if they could prove the defendant`s offence.     

If so, the main proceedings are opened. Oral proceedings may last for some days. While taking evidence the victim is interviewed as a witness. All witnesses are read their rights and duties, that they have to tell the truth and are interviewed by the people involved in the trial. There may be detailed questions about the exact circumstances of the crime that are important for reconstructing the crime and gaining clear perceptions of the crime. Meanwhile there are some measures for victims acting as witnesses. There are trainee lawyers or volunteers that may support and accompany you during the trial in any court. ( e.g. Weißer Ring e.V. or Opferhilfe Sachsen e.V.)  

A trial is public. Public is not allowed in trials involving juveniles. The judge may exclude the public during the trial. If you missed the trial, you have got the right to get some information about the outcome of the proceedings. If the perpetrator has been sentenced to prison you may get some information from court about easing the punishment as time passed.    


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