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The Saxon Security

The Saxon security

Two Saxon security guards in front of the building of the police division

You can find the Saxon Security in each police station of the Free State. This is an example of cooperation citizen and police .This kind of collaboration offers reliable women and men who are willing to support the police by obeying the public law and order. They take responsibility for the domestic security and so the residents benefit  of their job. 

Women and men can apply for the Saxon Security. They
  • should be at least 18 years old and have got good reputation.
  • possess the O-level or a certificate in vocational training. 
  • should be reliable and offer a guarantee that they will always be loyal supporters of our democratic order.
  • have to be physically fit for the duty.
  • have passed  further education- and training courses to acquire the necessary basic knowledge in law and special knowledge. 


Security guards in the pedestrian precinct in Pirna

The members of the Saxon Security support the police station, especially by patrolling in public. They contribute towards more safety and that feeling among the population. In the case of any suspicious incidents they inform the local police station or they act according to their authority.

The citizens  inform them about problems in order to forward the information to the police station.


Members of the Saxon Security check a lady' s passport

Men and women of the Saxon Security have the same rights as any other citizen which comprise:
  • citizen's arrest of an offender who was caught in the act till the police arrive, as well as,
  • the right to act in self-defence and emergency aid for other residents. 

The members of the Saxon Security are authorized to do more in their operational period of time. If the situation requires, they

  • question persons to get pertinent information.
  • determine the person' s identity who radiates danger or disturbance. For this reason the person can be stopped and can be asked for the particulars and, in addition, can be asked to hand over the documents for checking it. If it is impossible to check the identity on the spot, the person has to follow to the police station.
  • give out an ejection against a person who radiates danger or disturbance.
  • secure items in order to beware the owners of loss or damage of their property.


Two security guards on patrol

The members of the Saxon Security act by being perceptible to everybody. They wear dark blue jackets with the inscription "Saxon Security" on, a baseball hat and a blue polo shirt. They have contact to the local police station by radio and carrying for their on safety official-registered irritating gas. The members of the Saxon Security have got an identity card with them for being authorized to act.


The training

The security guards during the training

The selected applicants of the Saxon Security are trained for their further tasks. The training is organized and held by the local police divisions. The applicants are taught the special topics of law within 60 lessons, they learn the tasks and the duties and acquire practical experience for their future job. At the end of the training course there is an interview and afterwards the participants are appointed as members of the Saxon Security and allocated to a police station. The members of the Saxon Security get 153 euros during their training, but only once paid as compensation.

They will get further education with the local police stations in order to be trained for their operation. 

Regions of operation

Experienced police officers in arrangement with the members of the Saxon Securty decide where and when they are going to operate. Priority operational areas are:
  • bigger housing estates
  • public parks and areas
  • stops of the public transport
  • pedestrian precincts
  • schools, leisure centers and children playgrounds.

 A 40-hour duty per month is allowed.The members of the Saxon Security earn 5.11 euros per operation unit as expense allowance.  


Emergency call

Command Centre

In urgent cases please dial our emergency call number 110

Contact us

Address for visitors:
Saxon State Ministry of the Interior
State Police Headquarters
Department 3 - Public Law and Order
Wilhelm-Buck-Straße 2
01097 Dresden

phone +49 351 564-0