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Sending e-mails

E-mail link is not working correctly. What can I do?

Having not installed an e-mail program on your PC you may probably use an online mail service like gmx.de, googlemail or T-online-mail. In such a case your e-mail link does not function. The recipient`s address cannot automatically be transferred.

In order to send a mail via an online mail service do the following steps:

  • Click with the right mouse button onto the e-mail link on the website.
  • Choose "copy e-mail address" (Firefox) or "copy linkage" (Internet Explorer). The e-mail address will be copied into the clipboard.
  • Open your online mail service in your browser.
  • Start a new e-mail and add the recipient`s e-mail address out of the clipboard into the recipient`s field using the right mouse button.  
  • After that you can write your e-mail text and send the mail.  


Sending encrypted e-mails to recipients with the Saxon police

Currently the police use only S/MIME encryption method. Make sure that your e-mail program can deal with this encryption method. If neccessary, install additional software.

1st option:

  • Arrange a contact for the respective police recipient who you want to communicate encryptedly with. Pay your attention at the following syntax:   
  • Some e-mail clients may probably require the first e-mail address in quotation marks.
  • The syntax of the e-mail address is not case sensitive. Replace "Max.Mustermann" by the recipient`s name. Match this contact with the public S/MIME certificate provided that you can download on https://www.polizei.sachsen.de/de/20091.htm
  • When you want to send it you choose this contact, create your e-mail and choose the "encrypt" option.
  • NOTE: Not every e-mail client accepts the e-mail addresses stated above. Not always a contact can be matched with a certificate or every e-mail client can send encrypted e-mails. In case of such a trouble, check option 2.

2nd option

  • Get in contact with the police recipient and ask the person to send you an e-mail digitally signed(with the police signature). In this way you receive an e-mail with an attached police certificate. Save this contact in your address list. The correct syntax and the certificate are usually automatically saved in your address list.
  • When you want to send it you choose this contact, create your e-mail and coose the "encrypt" option.
  • NOTE: Saving a contact out of an e-mail received including its correct syntax of the target e-mail address and the certificate is not always possible with any e-mail client. Not every e-mail client offers an encrypted transmission. It works e.g. with the web-client of web.de if you have a web.de mailbox.
  • In case of not providing neither option 1 nor 2 check option 3.

3rd option