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Theft of two-wheeled vehicles

Protect your bicycle in this way...

  • use a bike lock that goes through wheel and frame and connect it with a solid object- even in cellars or storage rooms for bikes
  • only strong bike chains, bike U- locks or other massive bike locks are suitable  
  • locks that only block the wheels are not suitable and can be easily removed 
  • thin chains and locks are not suitable as they can be cut very easily 

    Our extra tip: get yourself a bicycle logbook

Bycyle logbook as a free application

You can get the bycicle logbook as a free application now for iPhones as well as for smartphones using Android OS. Using this app you can easily manage all the important features forwarding all the necessary details to the police and insurance company digitally in case of theft.

This has many advantages: All the details regarding identification of a stolen bike and searching for the registered owner of the bike can be stored without any trouble. Moreover you can administer even more bikes by using this application. You can print them out or forward them by attaching them as text or PDF files. If the bike was stolen, the owner can immediately forward all the important details to the police and the insurance company without any complications.   




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