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It has happened. What happens next?

Reporting a crime at the police station

You can report a crime at any police station. The police are required by law to investigate. Only in cases of offences like insulting or theft within the family prosecution depends on a victim`s request. Interviewing is very complex and may take a while. You can complete details later. Your witness statement is very important. Even if you only remember a few facts, each detail is essential in order to convict the perpetrator.

During the interview you may have a person you trust with you. The report remains at the police station until the investigations will be completed. If the perpetrators are unknown the police try to search for them with the help of all the traces, witness statements and observation files. You will get a case number and a name of a police officer who is in charge of further investigations. You will need the number for claiming compensation with the insurance company.   

The decision for or against a report is often not so easy. On the one hand there is the wish for prosecuting the perpetrator and preventing another crime but on the other hand there follows a difficult time full of trial, fear and stress. For some people criminal proceedings are difficult to bear but for others they may be helpful for handling especially violent crimes.    

Ask a victim protection organisation for advice and support. You can get there legal advice, support and help handling the situation. A person who looks after you may probably accompany you during the interviews.


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