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The Saxon state Office of Criminal Investigation has competence of investigations from the very beginning.

Organized Crime

Organisierte Kriminalität

Organized crime is a particular threat to society. Therefore, fighting it is of high significance for the police. As it isn´t immediately recognizable, there is the need for a comprehensive research of suspicious circumstances and the evaluation of findings.

White Collar Crime


The Saxon State Office of Criminal Investigation is in charge of all white-collar crimes having Germany-wide or international links.

National Security Enforcement


The protection of the free democratic constitutional structure calls for a strict fight against politically motivated crime, be it from the right-wing, the left-wing or from foreigners. The special unit “Right Extremism” (SOKO REX) plays a central role here.

Environmental Crime


The office also proceeds investigations into environmental crimes in relation with radioactivity or ionizing radiation.

Anti-Corruption Unit "INES"


In the fight against corruption public attorneys, detectives, business experts, auditors and jurists closely work together in the
Anti-Corruption Unit „INES“.


The Saxon State Office of Criminal Investigation ...

... will continue to fulfil its functions of combating crime by means of the state police. As well as actively contributing to providing prevention, investigation and collecting evidence of crimes effectively and on a high level.

In this way, it will contribute to public harmony and security for the Freestate of Saxony and its citizens.

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